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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
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Gyrocopter Pilot Training

For those of you that have decided to take the plunge and gain the full Gyrocopter Private Pilot Licence PPL(G), you have chosen the right place to learn. Our personal and professional flight training programme in alliance with the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT), offers the very latest in worldwide best practice, with a fully integrated e-learning platform. The Gyrocopter Experience has taught hundreds of pilots over the last 10 years, and remains the world leader in Gyrocopter Flight Training.

Gyro SmallStudent pilots are often booked in for weekly intensive courses (Monday to Friday), with an expectation to complete around 10 hours of flight training plus classroom briefings. The benefit of this structure enables students to make large advances in their understanding and skill level in a relatively short period of time.  Some students prefer to book single lessons, but this can result in extending the time to learn to fly.

Flying from Inverness International Airport gives you the unique perspective of the professional pilot. You will learn to become confident speaking to Air Traffic Control, and flying into commercial airports. You will also have the benefit of landing away at General Aviation Airfields as well as Farm Strips.

The versatility of the Gyrocopter, along with the professional outlook of the Gyrocopter community has quickly allowed us to access the full range of flight services in the UK. The aircraft might be small, but we are making a big impact within the aviation community.

Due to the placement of Inverness within its mountainous surroundings and the sea, we enjoy a surprisingly pleasant micro-climate. We receive far less rain than usually expected across the Highlands, which allows us to fly for most of the year.

We have recently seen the introduction of the Gyroplane Night Rating and the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(G). Gyrocopter Experience instructors are the first in the country to gain these qualifications, and are leading the way in its development.

Moving forward, we offer a number of advanced courses for existing gyrocopter pilots, and at Inverness we regularly conduct Mountain Flying and Beach Landing courses.



Open Cockpit MTO Sport Gyrocopter Flight Experience (Passenger seat / rear) buybutton

  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Briefing + 30 minutes flying)
  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Extended briefing + 60 minutes flying)
  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Extended briefing + 90 minutes flying)
  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Extended briefing + 120 minutes flying)


Enclosed Cockpit Cavalon Gyrocopter Flight Experience (Side-by-side seating) 

  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Briefing + 30 minutes flying)
  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Extended briefing + 60 minutes flying)
  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Extended briefing + 90 minutes flying)
  • Gyrocopter Introductory Flight Experience (Extended briefing + 120 minutes flying)


 Gyro L-Plate

Training Rates, when registered for an ongoing training course (Pilot seat / front in Open Cockpit Gyro) 

  • Dual Instruction in an Open Cockpit MTO Sport School Gyrocopter (hours 2+)*
£164 per hour
  • Dual Instruction in an Enclosed Cockpit Cavalon School Gyrocopter (hours 2+)*
£214 per hour
  • Supervised Solo training in a School Gyrocopter*
As above
  • Dual Instruction in your own Gyrocopter**
£90 per hour
  • Supervised Solo Training in your own Gyrocopter**
£90 per hour
  • Extended briefings and groundschool
£48 per hour
  • Ground Exams
£30 per paper

 * This rate is for students receiving ongoing training and applies from the second hour of training onwards. All landing fees at Inverness Airport are included when using a School Gyrocopter. Most lessons are designed for a flight time of around one hour. Whilst times may vary slightly, students are only charged at the pro-rata hourly rate (from engine start to engine stop). Please note that flight times are occasionally extended due to take-off / landing priority given to other Airport traffic.

** Students using their own Gyrocopters will be required to pay for their own landing fees and ancillary costs.

In order to fly solo in a School Gyrocopter you must agree to the following: 

    • You will sign a usage agreement often called a "Bend it, Mend it" agreement, which states that you will be responsible for any uninsured losses to the flying school whilst the aircraft is in your care. 
    • If any damage is caused to the aircraft during the time in the student pilot's possession the student pilot will hold a maximum liability limited to £7,500 for uninsured loses.


Access to the approved training course 

IAPGT Progress

All Gyrocopter student pilots are required to be able to access the online training and e-learning platform held within the GyropediaTM. The Gyropedia (developed by the International Ascociation of Professional Gyroplane Training IAPGT) is a one-stop-shop for all Gyrocopter students, pilots and aircraft owners, and you will come to rely on it throughout your flying career. The subscription is currently £120 per annum. 

Membership of Highland Aviation

All students training at Inverness Airport are required to become members of Highland Aviation at a cost of £95 per annum. Membership covers the use of all Highland Aviation facilities, including free Wifi, free Inverness Airport parking at the Highland Aviation car park, classroom and breifing rooms, toilets, tea, coffee, and biscuits, and is valid for 12 months from purchase. Free one-day membership is granted to customers taking a Gyrocopter Flight Experience / Gyrocopter Trial Flight. 

Gyrocopter Hire 

In March 2013, the law changed to allow factory built Gyrocopters to be hired in the UK. When you obtain your Gyrocopter Pilot's licence there is now an option to hire aircraft subject to a set of terms and conditions. If you own a Gyrocopter and you would like make an income from hiring it out to other pilots (or Instructors), please contact us for details. At present the flying school will hire the Open-cockpit MTO Sport and the enclosed Cavalon Gyrocopters to previous students and trusted pilots know to us.

Purchase flight time online

Please follow this link to purchase flight vouchers and see discounts for bulk purchases.

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