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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
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90 Minute Gyrocopter Experience Trial Flight

Manufacturer:  Highland Aviation
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Trial flight experience vouchers from Highland Aviation allow you to give someone a truely unique gift.  Forget socks, flowers or chocolates this year, and let them take the controls of a light aircraft with one of our experienced instructors.


Your flight experience comprises;

  • One on one Pre-flight briefing with your pilot and Instructor.
  • Choose where you want to fly to.
  • Walk around the aircraft with an explanation of where things are and what they do
  • Taxi out to the main Inverness runway, take-off and fly your chosen route.
  • Once airborne you can take complete control of the aircraft and fly!
  • Throughout your flight your instructor will explain how things work and answer any questions
  • You can take pictures of Loch Ness, the Highlands, numerous Castles and even your own house if you live near Inverness
  • Post flight briefing.
  • Complimentary certificate to mark the day you flew your first aircraft.
  • Valid for 6 months from date of purchase (Christmas gifts valid from Christmas day choose this option once added to your basket)

"...Without a doubt, one of the most exciting, thrilling and very best gifts I've EVER received"
  quote from one of our recent Inverness trial flight customers who is now working towards his Pilots licence


Frequently Asked Questions;

  • Q:  What should I bring with me on the day of my flying lesson?
  • A:  Comfortable warm clothing (suitable for the day, a thermal flying suit will be provided) & a single form of ID (passport, driving licence etc). Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent / guardian with ID.

  • Q:  When should I arrive?
  • A:  You do not need to arrive early - on time would be perfect! Paperwork only takes a minute or so to complete.

  • Q:  How long will my 90 minute flying lesson take in total?
  • A:  Expect your flight experience to last about 2.5 hours with 90 minutes in the aircraft.

  • Q:  Can we park at the School and how much does parking cost?
  • A: We have a large car park at our premisis directly opposite our building and for you it's completely FREE!

  • Q:  If it's raining or very windy on the day of my flying lesson what should I do?
  • A:  If the weather is not fit for flying we will try to call you as soon as we are can. If we haven't already called you then give the school a call on 01667 460361. We keep a very close eye on the weather and will do our best to make sure you know well in advance if you lesson is going to need to be re-booked.

  • Q:  Can I get a momento of my flight experience?
  • A:  Absolutely! We can take pictures of you at the aircraft, in the air whilst flying the aircraft and a variety of aerial photos at your request. Prints or Photo CD's can be created for you after your flight and purchased from reception. (This service can be added to the gift voucher in the online shop basket)

  • Q:  What can my friends/family do whilst I'm flying?
  • A: We have a comfortable lounge where they are more than welcome to wait with a lovely view of the runway so you can watch friends/family take off. Alternatively, Highland Aviation Museum is just a 5 minute walk away or they can visit the terminal for light snacks or a Costa coffee.

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