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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
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Inverness Airfield Information

Inverness Airport Information

Below is an extract from the UK AIP with relevant airfield information. 

EGPE Airport Diagram

Booking in/out: All aircraft should book in or out over the phone on 01667 464293, normally some details may be passed over the radio but the preference is always phone. ATIS information available on the VOR Voice channel 109.2 and on 01667 464255.

GA Aircraft Parking: Apron OPS prefers that light aircraft park on the north apron infront of the GA Terminal. Tie downs are available on request and are wise given the high winds often experienced at Inverness. Please feel free to come into the flying school should you need any AVGAS, tea, coffee, toilets or just some warmth from the Scottish weather!

Fuelling: AVGAS available from the flying school on 01667 462360. Out of hours for AVGAS is 07759 879644. We can fuel your aircraft with Avgas at short notice even through busy periods. Unleaded MOGAS may be available upon request so please contact the flying school and we will do our best to help you get fuelled.

Landing Fees: Payable in the Highland Aviation building, indicated with the usual black C on a yellow background. For flying school or training flights a form can be filled in for a discount on the landing fee (available on request at Highland Aviation).

Accommodation: Please see Where To Stay also, if you become stranded due to the weather, please contact the flying school on 01667 460361 and we will make sure you have somewhere to stay for the night.

If you have any further questions about how to operate in and out of Inverness Airport, please don't hesitate to contact the Highland Aviation Flying School or Inverness Airport.

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