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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
Local Airfields

Please Note

  • Before landing at any airfield, it is the Pilot's responsibility to seek PPR (prior permission).
  • You must get approval from Highland Aviation before landing away in club aircraft.
Airfield Dornoch

Satelite image of Dornoch Airfield
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Position N57 52.33 W004 01.58
Operated By Highland Council
PPR 01408 623400 Required
Runways 10/28 Good Grass Surface 775m x 23m
Opening Times

By arrangement. Daylight hours only

Radio SAFETYCOM 135.475
Local Information Dornoch is located within D703 active weekdays and weekends over the land areas to 5000ft, before arrival and departure contact Tain Range 122.750

Warning, there are many dog walkers in the area that often use Dornoch Airstrip, dogs and walkers without leads are likely to be on the runway, suggest low pass before a circuit to land.


Airfield Easter Airfield

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Position 574500N 0040000W
Official name; E/E Easter
Operated By Davie Munro
PPR 07967 715304 Required at all times.
Runways 06 Grass Surface
24 Grass Surface
Opening Times

By arrangement. 07967-715304

Radio SAFETYCOM 135.475
Local Information

Please read the information in the picture about noise abatement, as rules must be adhered to when approaching this airfield.

please do not use for PFL practice.


Airfield Plockton

Plockton Airfield looking East
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Position N57 20.12 W005 40.32
Operated By PDG Helicopters
PPR 01599 534926 PPR Required
Runways 02/20 597m of Asphalt
Opening Hours Monday - Saturday 0800 - 1900
Sunday 0900 - 1900
Radio 130.65
Local Information

Airfield Owned by the Highland Council. Unlicensed airfield. Jet A1 available.

Restaurant , shops and accomadation is just a few minutes walk away.

Plockton Taxis 01599544389



Airfield Barra

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Position N57 01.37 W007 26.58
Operated By Highlands & Islands Airport Ltd.
PPR Required 01871-890212
Runways 07/25 Sand 799m x 60m
11/29 Sand 680m x 46m
15/33 Sand 846m x 46m
Opening Hours

Strictly 24 hours PPR
Hours variable due to tides

Radio Barra Information 118.075
Local Information

Barra Aerodrome is located on North Bay, Isle of Barra. Western Isles.

Warning, Landings and Take-off may be hazardous due to considerably ridged hard sand and pools of standing water. Pilots should also be aware that cockling activities often take place between runway markers and tide line. suggest low pass before a circuit to land.


Airfield Benbecula

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Position N57 28.87 W007 21.77
Operated By Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd.
PPR 3 hours
Runways 06/24 Bitumen 1836m x 46m
17/35 Bitumen 1220m x 46m
Opening Hours

Winter:    Mon - Fri 0800 - 1745
                 Sat - 0800-1030, 1200-1245, 
                 Sun - 1030-1200

Summer: Mon - Fri 0800-1645
                  Sat - 0800-1000, 1200-1245
                  Sun - 1030-1200

Radio Benbecula Tower 119.200
Local Information

Benbecula Aerodrome is located at Balivanich in the Western Isles

There is intensive military activity in the vicinity.

Light refreshments available, and hotels nearby.


Airfield Glenforsa (Mull)

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Position N56 31.05 W005 54.85
Operated By Glenforsa Airfield Ltd.
PPR PPR Required - 01680 300377
Runways 07/25 Grass 780m x 28m
Opening Hours Open every day from 1st May - 30th Sept. And every Sat & Sun throughout the year.
During April and October phone before 1600 the day before to arrange weekday landing.
November to March, airfield not available midweek.
Radio Glenforsa radio 120.805
Local Information

Glenforsa is located East of Salen on the Isle of Mull.

Airfield Webcam available at

Warning: Northern half of runway very soft in wet conditions.

Meals and accommodation available at Glenforsa Hotel, adjacent to strip.


Airfield Isle of Skye (Broadford)

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Position N57 15.18 W005 49.67
Operated By Highland Council
PPR 01478-612727 Required
Runways 07/25 Asphalt Surface 771m x 23m
Opening Hours 24 Hours. PPR essential
Radio SAFETYCOM 135.475
Local Information

Located east of Broadford, on the Isle of Skye. The aerodrome is periodiacally used for military exercises, public events and other commercial operations.

Warning: High ground up to 2,400ft to E and W of aerodrome.

There are no ammenities in the vicinity. Kyletaxis 01599-534323/07972 886777.


Airfield Lamb Holm

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Position N58 53.18 W002 53.60
Operated By Tom Sinclair, Tighsith, Holm, Orkney
PPR 07803-088938 Required
Runways 06/24 Grass Surface 640m x 18m
15/33 Grass Surface 340m x 18m
Opening Hours 24 Hours. PPR essential
Radio SAFETYCOM 135.475
Kirkwall APP/TWR 118.300
Local Information

Lamb Holm Island is situated south of Orkney mainland.
Pilots need to be aware of Kirkwall's commercial traffic operating low-level VFR in the area. Avoid overflying St. Mary's village 1nm NW of the airfield.

Local shop selling light snacks, drinks etc.
Commodore Motel: 01856-781319.

Taxis; 01856-876543.


Airfield Coll Island
Aerial Photo

IsleOfColl Click to enlarge

Position N56°36.12 W006°37.07
Operated By Argyll and Bute Council / Oban
PPR 01631 710910 Required
Runways 02/20 Asphalt Surface 500m x 15m
Opening Hours 24 Hours. PPR essential
Radio Oban or Scottish
Local Information

There is no fuel available here. Obligatory Argyll and Bute indemnity permit is required at a cost of £39.53. Landing fee £11.55. The Tiree airfield Taf and Metar can be obtained at Oban, and snacks and drinks although nearby hotel for a very nice lunch. Expect moderate turbulence on the approach and look out for bird droppings on the  wet runway which reduced braking action. The small terminal building is by the very small apron at the southern end of the runway and had good toilets and a working public phone. There is no mobile phone network on Coll but there is on the Isle of Mull. This can be picked up at a few points further up the island. Make sure to leave room for the Air Hebridean Islander to turn around when parked.


Taxi 01879 230479