Flying lessons in Inverness at Inverness Airport.

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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
Flying lessons in Inverness at Inverness Airport.

Being able to climb into the skies and look down on the world from above is one of the reasons many people learn to fly. We think you should have the very best view when you're up there, and from our base at Inverness Airport we can offer the Cairngorm mountains, Loch Ness, the Highlands and numerous castles!

If you're just looking to give it a go and fly yourself through the Highlands of Scotland in a light aircraft then check out our Trial Flights page.

Here are just a few more reasons why Highland Aviation can offer you the very best EASA PPL / LAPL training in the UK:

Scottish Mountains

  • A dedicated team of professional instructors and teaching staff.

  • Friendly staff and a fully refurbished clubhouse with club lounge, kitchen, briefing rooms and dedicated classroom and study areas.

  • The airspace is quiet. Even though Inverness is
    a major regional airport, just a 5 minute flight
    and the sky is yours (no controlled airspace - proper freedom of the skies).

  • As Inverness is a major airport you learn full and correct radio communications.

  • Just an hour's flight away and you can be island hopping. Most of our PPL students experience flying to the Orkneys within their course. Your training will therefore cover water crossings and mountainous terrain flying, making you a more competent pliot!

  • All weather training.  Flying in less than ideal weather is something that can ruin your day if you have not had good training in what to do and look out for.  The weather in Inverness is excellent when compared with the rest of Scotland, but it also provides some more varied weather throughout the year, making sure that a new pilot trained in Inverness has more experience with making good weather decisions than pilots trained elsewhere.

  • 7 day operations. We operate 7 days a week and frequently fly until 9 pm.

  • As a pilot you can land away at some fantastic locations, landing on long sandy beaches and grass strips, on small scottish islands.

  • and finally, we really do offer real value for money! - check out our package rates