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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
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Highland Aviation Team

Members of our team are always available in our offices to answer questions and provide help.





David Barclay
Director / Operations Manager

David overseas all operations and customer relations. David has been with Highland Aviation since it's inception in 2009.

David's normal work days are: Saturday to Wednesday



Will Roomes
Director / Gyrocopter Instructor

Will has been a Director of Highland Aviation since 2017, and as our resident Gyrocopter instructor is here to change the world of aviation!  We cannot deny that we've all been very impressed with his Gyrocopters, which add a whole new dimension to the flying school.

Will's normal work days are: Monday to Saturday


Our Instructors



Sam Hicks
Head of Training - Full Time

Sam is an experienced commercial pilot, and includes a number of years of airline flying with Ryanair. During his time with Highland Aviation Sam has proved his professionalism, expertise and dedication to flight training, this has earned him the position of Head of Training.  Sam's calm and composed manner continues to be popular amongst out students.

Qualified to teach: PPL, LAPL. Mountain Flying, Beach Landing, Night Rating.

Sam's normal work days are: Wednesday to Sunday



Leigh O'Connor
Instructor - Full Time

Leigh has been a pilot for more than 20 years, during much of this time he has been an RAF categorised instructor teaching RAF/CCF Cadets.  Whilst he continues to fly for the RAF as a reservist, he has turned his attention to civilian flight training, is good humoured, knowledgeable and professional, and is a welcome addition to our team.

Qualified to teach: PPL, LAPL. Mountain Flying, Beach Landing.

Leigh's normal work days are: Friday to Tuesday



Simon Rochester
Instructor - Part Time

Simon returns to Highland Aviation having previously served as our Head of Training.  He brings with him a full career as a professional airline & commercial pilot and a wealth of experience.  Simon has also served as an examinor and as such has many insights to pass on to our students.

Qualified to teach: PPL, LAPL. IR(R). Mountain Flying, Beach Landing, Night Rating.



Neil Fallen
Instructor - Part Time

Neil is one of our part-time instructors and also flies for Loganair as a commercial pilot.  Neil has been an important part of Highland Aviation, having instructed for over 7 years with us and has thousands of hours flying experience.

Qualified to teach: PPL, LAPL, Mountain Flying, Beach Landing, Night Rating.



Our Examiners



Russell Mounce
Examiner - Part Time

Russell is one of our part-time examiners and also flies for Loganair as a Training Captain.  Russell has been an instructor for over a decade and recently became our primary examiner.

Qualified to teach: PPL, LAPL, IMC, Mountain Flying, Beach Landing and Night Rating.



James Brown
Instructor / Examiner - Part Time

James is a fully qualified commercial pilot. James has been flying for many years and has taught a wide range of students including aerobility students with physical disabilities.

Qualified to teach: PPL, LAPL. IR(R). Mountain Flying, Beach Landing, Night Rating.



Alan Nicholson

Alan Nicholson is a very experienced pilot who conducts many of our PPL Flight exams. With more than 26,000 flight hours, a large number recorded as a 747 pilot / instructor. He has been imortalised as the instructor on the Sky TV show "Flying Heavy Metal" (Alan's the chap in the red shirt!)

Qualified to teach: FIC, PPL, LAPL, Mountain Flying, Beach Landing, Night Rating, IMC



Our Operations Team



Joss King
Operations - Full Time

Joss is our operations expert at Highland Aviation, and ensures the smooth running of our day-to-day activities.  With an extensive understanding of the aviation industry, he is very keen to share this knowledge with student pilots and customers.

Joss' normal work days are: Friday to Tuesday



Anna Livesley
Operations - Part Time

Anna has been with Highland Aviation for many years, initially as a PPL student, but now supports the operations and flight teams.




Our CAMO & Maintenance Team


Paul Stanton
CAMO Manager - Part Time

Paul is responsible for the operations of our EASA Part-M maintenance.

Alongside our Part-66 Licenced Engineers Paul manages our customers continuing airworthiness and aircraft maintenance needs through the Highland Aviation approved CAMO awarded to us by the CAA in July 2013.

Paul's normal working days are: Tuesday to Friday



Barry Peters
Maintenance Manager - Full Time

Barry has been with us since 2013 in a Part Time capacity, but from 2018 became our Full Time Part 66 Engineer and Maintenance Manager.  He is a real asset to the company and remains the friendly face in the hangar come rain or shine.  Barry is a very experienced engineer qualified to work on a wide range of aircraft from single piston to turbine, fabric and metal construction.

Barry's normal working days are: Monday to Friday



Giuseppe De Vita
Engineer - Full Time

Giuseppe joined us in 2017 in our growing engineering department.  He has quickly become a very valued member of the team with a wealth of mechanical training at his disposal.

Pepe's normal working days are: Monday to Friday



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